November 8, 1945 - DeAngelo born in New York.

August 1, 1956 - February 23, 1958 - DeAngelo, Sr. stationed at Hamilton Air Force Base, Novato, Marin County. 

September 1956 - June, 1958 - DeAngelo unknown school. Grades 5 & 6.

February 24, 1958 - September 15, 1958 - DeAngelo, Sr. stationed at Van Nuys Air Force Base, Los Angeles County. 

September 16, 1958 - June 21, 1959 - DeAngelo, Sr. stationed at Hamilton Air Force Base, Novato, Marin County.

September, 1958 - June, 1959 - DeAngelo unknown school. Grade 7.

June 22, 1959 - August 4, 1962 - DeAngelo, Sr. stationed at Mather Air Force Base, Sacramento County.

September, 1959 - June, 1961 - DeAngelo Mills Jr High, Rancho Cordova. Grades 8 & 9.

September, 1961 - June, 1964 - DeAngelo Folsom High School, Folsom. Grades 10-12.

September, 1964 - DeAngelo’s parents divorce granted.

September 11, 1964 - DeAngelo accepted into the US Navy. 

September 15, 1964 - November 25, 1964 - DeAngelo Recruit Training, San Diego.

November 18, 1964 - DeAngelo assigned to USS Canberra.

December 10, 1964 - DeAngelo reported to USS Canberra.

January 5, 1965 - USS Canberra departed San Diego.

January, 1965 - DeAngelo’s sister moved to Exeter, CA.

February 4, 1965 - Kay DeAngelo & Jack Bosanko marriage license issued in Placer County. Marriage on February 6th, in Exeter, Tulare County. 

May 7-11, 1965 - USS Canberra participated in troop landings in Chu Lai.

June 30, 1965 - DeAngelo WESPAC Tour Commendation for service on USS Canberra.

July 2, 1965 - Assigned messman duties aboard USS Canberra.

July 7, 1965 - USS Canberra returned to San Diego.

October 22, 1965 - DeAngelo assigned to USS Haven.

October 29, 1965 - DeAngelo returned to USS Canberra.

Mid-February, 1966 - USS Canberra departed San Diego.

Late June, 1966 - USS Canberra returned to San Diego.

Tuesday, July 26, 1966 - DeAngelo AWOL from USS Canberra. Unknown date of return.

October 11, 1966 - USS Canberra departed San Diego for Vietnam.

June 1, 1967 - USS Canberra returned to San Diego. Auburn, CA newspaper stated on the same date that DeAngelo was expected home on leave “soon.”

Friday, June 30, 1967, 12:00 pm - A teen girl was kidnapped in San Diego area by a man using a fake law enforcement ID, and “truancy” ruse. 

July 17, 1967 - USS Canberra departed San Diego for Long Beach.

July 19, 1967 - USS Canberra docked Seal Bach to offload ammunition. 

July 20, 1967 - USS Canberra docked Long Beach.

Friday, August 4, 1967 - 11:00 am - 16-yr-old Sandy Beckendorf, and 15-yr-old Marcel Kell were last seen at Northridge Donut, by Raley’s in Fair Oaks, CA. The girls were expected at the Kell home by noon, but never arrived. SSO “ruled out foul play.” 

October 16, 1967 - DeAngelo was “instructed on, and familiarized with the .30 caliber carbine rifle.”

November 16, 1967 - DeAngelo was assigned to USS Piedmont.

February 16, 1968 - USS Piedmont departed San Diego.

August 9, 1968 - DeAngelo was discharged from US Navy active duty. The Piedmont was moored in Kaoshiung, Taiwan - DeAngelo was discharged at Treasure Island, San Francisco. He was photographed in the cruise book, but the deck logs do not contain a record of the date that DeAngelo departed the ship.

August 9, 1968 - “Not interested in Naval Reserve Training program” noted on DeAngelo’s Navy record.

September 10th, 1968 - DeAngelo started at Sierra College, Rocklin, CA.

Friday, December 20, 1968, 11:30 pm - Lake Hermann Road, Benicia. 16-yr-old Betty Lou Jensen & 17-yr-old David Faraday, both shot to death. Benicia PD/Solano County Sheriff. (Zodiac letters sent on same date in 1969 and 1990)

Thursday, March 1, 1969 7:00 pm - An Exeter PD patrol car was stolen from behind the police station. 

Chief Morehouse, coordinating the search from the station, received an anonymous call that the stolen car could be found at Neel Ranch - next to the Friant-Kern Canal off Marinette. The car was located there at about 10:00 pm. The car was undamaged, and forensics found no clues to help identify the thief. 

Saturday, July 5, 1969, 12:00 am - Blue Rock Spring Park, Vallejo. 22-yr-old Darlene Ferrin, shot to death. 19-yr-old Michael Mageau, shot multiple times, but survived. Vallejo PD. (July 5, 1979, 3:50 am, Danville EAR attack on 10 year anniversary)

Saturday, July 5, 1969, 12:40 am - Vallejo Police Department received a phone call, put through by the phone operator:

“I’d like to report a double murder. If you will go one mile east on Columbus Parkway to the public park, you will find the kids in a brown car. I shot them with a Luger. I also killed those kids last Christmas. Good-bye.”

The call was traced to a payphone at Joe’s Union 76 service station in downtown Vallejo, near the police station. No evidence was obtained.

July 31, 1969, pm - Zodiac letter #1 postmarked from San Francisco. Three separate letters, each with 1/3 of a 408 character cipher, and details of the first two attacks known only to the killer. Sent to Vallejo Times Herald, San Francisco Chronicle, and San Francisco Examiner. 

August 4, 1969 - Received Zodiac letter #2, unknown postmark time and location. It provided additional details to prove that he committed the first two attacks. First use of “Zodiac,” and the symbol. Sent to San Francisco Examiner. 

August 8, 1969 - Press reported that most of the 408 cipher decoded by Bettye & Donald Harden. Bettye was a writer and poet, and Donald was a high school teacher of history and economics. 

Monday, August 25, 1969, 4:00 am - A 17-yr-old girl woke to a young man shining a flashlight in her eyes. He wrapped his arm around her neck and hand over her mouth, threatened to kill her, and forcibly dragged her out of her house. He took her to a nearby yard about a block away, raped her, and then he left on foot. He had entered the house through an unlocked door, ransacked and taken money from a wallet and purse before waking the girl. The neighborhood was described as “expensive homes on the east side of Sacramento” and “plush northeast area home.” The girls parents were asleep in the home at the time of the kidnapping, heard a scream, a man say “be quiet or I’ll kill you,” and found their daughter missing. They immediately called SSO, and were talking with deputies when the girl came running back home. 

September 8, 1969 - First day of Fall Quarter at Sierra College.

Saturday, September 27, 1969, 6:30 pm - Lake Berryessa Park, Napa County. 22-yr-old Cecelia Shepard survived to make a statement, but later died of multiple stab wounds. 20 year old Brian Hartnell was stabbed multiple times, but survived. Napa PD/Napa County Sheriff.

September 27, 1969 - Zodiac letter #3. Attack list written on victim’s car door.

“12/20/68, 7/4/69, Sept. 27-69-6:30 by knife.” 

Saturday, September 27, 1969, 7:40 pm - Napa Police Department received a call from a phone booth at Napa Car Wash, a few blocks from the police station: 

“I want to report a murder, no a double murder. They are two miles north of park headquarters. They were in a white Volkswagen Karmann Ghia…I’m the one that did it.”

Saturday, October 11, 1969, 9:58 pm - NE corner of Washington and Cherry, San Francisco. 29-yr-old Paul Stine shot to death in the front seat of his cab. SFPD.

October 13, 1969, pm - Zodiac letter #4 postmarked from San Francisco. Provided details of the Stine homicide, and a piece of Stine’s shirt. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. 

November 8, 1969 - DeAngelo’s 24th birthday.

November 8, 1969, pm - Zodiac letter #5 postmarked San Francisco. Dripping pen greeting card, new 340 character cipher, and a second piece of Paul Stine’s shirt. Zodiac 7, with reference to claimed attack months. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. 

November 9, 1969, pm - Zodiac letter #6 postmarked San Francisco. Six page letter that described his encounter with SF police officers as he fled the Stine homicide. Included the declaration that he would not announce any future homicides, and had a detailed diagram for a bomb targeting a school bus. Included the claim that he had killed seven victims. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. 

Tuesday, Dec 16, 1969, 2:25 am - Exeter prowler shot at trying to climb in a bedroom window on List.

December 20, 1969, pm - Zodiac letter #7 postmarked San Francisco.  Addressed to attorney Melvin Belli at his home in San Francisco. Asked for “help.”

Saturday, March 7, 1970, 11:45 pm - 1720 Markston Road, Sacramento. 23-yr-old Judith Ann Hakari was kidnapped from her car in the parking lot of her apartment building as she returned home from work at Sutter Memorial Hospital. Torn strips of white locker room towels were found on the back seat of her car. 

April 20, 1970, am - Zodiac letter #8 postmarked San Francisco. Two page letter that included the “name” cipher, and a new diagram for the bus bomb. Zodiac 10 - SFPD 0. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle.

Saturday, April 25, 1970, 5:00 pm - 3 miles east of I-80, off Ponderosa Way, Placer County. Judith Hakari’s body was found partially buried near an old gold mine. 

April 28, 1970 - Zodiac letter #9. Dragon greeting card. Asked for people to wear Zodiac buttons, to stop him from “having his blast.” Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. 

May 14, 1970 - DeAngelo’s engagement to Bonnie announced; worked at Sierra Crane in Newcastle. 

June, 1970 - Sharon graduated from San Juan High School, Citrus Heights, CA.

June 12, 1970 - DeAngelo graduated from Sierra College, with an AA Degree in Police Science.

June 26, 1970 - 47th birthday of DeAngelo’s mother.

June 26, 1970, am - Zodiac letter #10 postmarked San Francisco. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. Included gas station map of California, with a modified Zodiac symbol centered over the Mt. Diablo meridian. Map was supposed to lead to the bus bomb set to go off “in the fall.” Key was the included cipher. Directed anger at people of San Francisco Bay are for not wearing his buttons. Took credit for SFPD officer killed in his car with a .38. Zodiac 12 - SFPD 0

Monday, July 6, 1970, 9:00 am -  The remains of Sandy Beckendorf and Marcel Kell were found by rabbit hunters just east of the Sunrise Bridge in Rancho Cordova. Both girls had been shot in the head with a large caliber handgun, and Sandy had also been shot in the leg. 

July 24, 1970, pm - Zodiac letter #11 postmarked San Francisco. Took credit for Johns, and complained about lack of Zodiac buttons. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. 

July 26, 1970 - 48th birthday of DeAngelo’s step-father.

July 26, 1970, pm - Zodiac letter #12 postmarked San Francisco. Five page letter. Complained about the lack of buttons, and described his plans for his “slaves in paradise.” Added a clue to the Mt. Diablo cipher re: radians and inches. Zodiac 13 - SFPD 0. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. 

Sunday, September 6, 1970, 2:00 am - 25-yr-old Donna Lass was last seen leaving her job as a nurse at a South Lake Tahoe casino. Her car was found parked in front of her apartment, and there was no sign of a struggle, or anything missing.

September 10, 1970 - DeAngelo’s Navy record stated “No participation in Reserve Program. Never served or reported.”

September 21, 1970 - DeAngelo started at Sacramento State University.

October 4, 1970 - Zodiac letter #13. Claimed that he was “crackproof” and had killed 13. Postcard sent to San Francisco Chronicle. 

October 27, 1970, pm - Zodiac letter #14 postmarked San Francisco, office #89. Halloween card sent to Paul Avery. Included hand drawn illustrations, and a victim count of “4-teen.” The back of the card contained a reference to his “paradice slaves” being killed by fire, knife, gun and rope. The back of the envelope said “sorry no cipher.” Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. 

Friday, Jan 29, 1971 - Exeter ransacking burglary.

March 13, 1971 - Zodiac letter #15 postmarked Dublin, CA. Referred to his “Riverside activity,” which was taken to mean Bates. Claimed that there were more victims in S. CA. Repeated that he was “crackproof.” Zodiac 17+ - SFPD 0. Sent to the Los Angeles Times.

March 22, 1971 - Zodiac letter #16. “Peak Through The Pines” postcard. Taken to refer to the disappearance of Donna Lass the prior fall, but no specific claim. Referred to victim #12. Sent to Paul Avery, San Francisco Chronicle. 

Monday, Sep 27, 1971 - Exeter ransacking burglary.

Fall, 1971 - DeAngelo’s mother, step-father, and brother moved from Auburn, to Whittier, CA.

Tuesday, December 28, 1971 - DeAngelo attended his brother-in-law’s birthday party in Exeter - he was living in Citrus Heights.

June 10, 1972 - DeAngelo graduated from Sacramento State University with BA Degree in Criminal Justice.


June, 1972 - January, 1973 (32 weeks, dates may have been earlier) - DeAngelo’s internship with Roseville PD, Identifications and Investigations Division.

Tuesday, July 4, 1972 - Exeter - ransacking burglary.

Sunday, September 10, 1972 - Exeter - Fairway Apt Ransackings & Nazarene Church

Mid-1972 to Mid-1973 - The Cordova Cat Burglar committed over 30 burglaries in Rancho Cordova, Carmichael, and Citrus Heights. Homes were occupied, with residents asleep. Took purses and wallets, later found outside the homes in adjacent yards, or front sidewalk; cash and IDs missing. Sometimes items from multiple victims would be found together. Spent considerable time in the bedrooms with sleeping homeowners. Took food and coins. Was seen armed with a gun. Left open a separate exit point immediately upon entering the house. Traveled by drainage canals, and the American River Parkway. 

Tuesday, January  03, 1973 - Exeter, First Baptist church & Exeter Library ransacking burglaries.

January-May, 1973 - The Cordova Meadows Ransacker committed at least 20 burglaries in Rancho Cordova. Entered unoccupied homes, usually through the back door into the garage, and then kitchen, or through sliding glass doors. Opened a bedroom window as an escape route, and blocked the front door with a chair or security chain. Stole coins, piggybanks, knives, blue chip stamps, handguns, and food. High value items were not taken. Took single earrings from pairs, and photos of residents. The bedrooms were heavily ransacked with female clothing scattered, and stacked in other rooms. The kitchens were ransacked, and window screens were placed on the beds. 

May 18, 1973 - DeAngelo started his employment at Exeter PD.

May, 1973 - April, 1976 - Exeter experienced a sharp rise in home burglaries, including occupied homes at night, and “ransackings” where little of value was stolen. There was also an increase in obscene phone calls, serious arsons, car and bike “borrowing,” occupied vandalism (police called), and false alarms, including both fire and police.

Thursday, June 28, 1973 - Exeter, Blue Chip Stamp machine stolen from Jerry’s Arco.

Tuesday, September 4, 1973 - Exeter ransacking burglary.

November 10, 1973 - DeAngelo married Sharon at the Auburn First Congregational Church in Auburn, CA.

January 28 & 31, 1974 - Sharon noted in the Visalia newspaper as participating on a woman’s athletic team.

January 29, 1974, am - Zodiac letter #17 postmarked East Bay area of CA. Letter offered a film critique of “The Exorcist,” and a “poem” that called back to the July 26, 1970 letter, and The Mikado. Me 37 - SFPD 0. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle. 

March 13, 1974 - Liz Silva, nearly 13 yrs, was picked up in Visalia by a uniformed police officer, supposedly for being truant from school. The suspect handcuffed Liz, and said he was taking her to her step-father, Joe Collins, who was a community policing officer with VPD. Liz became alarmed when the car entered the eastbound freeway. When asked, the suspect told her that her father was at target practice by the river. The victim immediately knew that to be a lie, because Collins did not carry a gun. The suspect took her to an isolated area near the St. John’s River, north of Visalia. She was raped, and the suspect threatened to kill her family. Liz believed this threat to be credible, because the attacker was able to describe specific items located in bedrooms within her home.

Liz has identified Joseph DeAngelo as her attacker, and stated that he was in an Exeter PD uniform at the time of the kidnapping. Liz lived 2 blocks from Jennifer Armour, was kidnapped in a VR zone, and was attacked and left in an irrigation ditch. The kidnapping was in Visalia, but the assault occurred in TCSO jurisdiction.

Monday, March 18, 1974 - Exeter, two overnight ransacking burglaries. 

Monday, March 18, 1974 - Visalia, first VR burglary. 

March 18, 1974-December 10, 1975 - Visalia, a town about 10 miles west of Exeter, experienced over 100 ransacking burglaries with a very specific MO. The burglar was dubbed the “Visalia Ransacker” (VR). DeAngelo has admitted responsibility for the VR burglaries. 

Saturday, April 6, 1974 - Visalia, three VR burglaries. 

Wednesday, April 17, 1974, after 9:00 pm - 73-yr-old Eva Davidson Taylor was murdered in her home in Goleta, CA.

Saturday, May 04, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Sunday, May 05, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Saturday, May 11, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed two VR burglaries. 

Friday, May 17, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed two VR burglaries. 

Saturday, May 18, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed three VR burglaries. 

Saturday, May 25, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed three VR burglaries.

Sunday, May 26, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed three VR burglaries.

Sunday, June 23, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Saturday, September 14, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Friday, October 4-5, 1974 - DeAngelo committed a ransacking burglary in Visalia, and stole a .22 revolver. Later that night, and into Saturday morning, five cat burglaries occurred in Tulare. The burglar gained entry through locked doors, including back sliders. In  three of the burglaries, cash and watches were stolen from the bed night stands next to sleeping victims. Nothing was reported missing in two of the burglaries. The VR activity was in Visalia Police Department (VPD) jurisdiction, The Tulare burglaries were in Tulare Police Department (TPD) jurisdiction.

Wednesday, October 9, 1974  - Caldwell Ave, Visalia (just outside City limits). Late afternoon. A blue-eyed man, wearing a mask with only eye holes, armed with a handgun, entered through an unlocked kitchen door. Ordered the lone 48-yr-old female into the bedroom. The victim resisted, and was beaten in the face, then kicked in the face while she was on the floor. Victim suffered lasting injuries, including to her vision. The offender seemed to be aware of the victim’s schedule, and used her name, which prompted TCSO to arrest the next-door neighbor. The neighbor was acquitted by alibi at trial, and the real attacker was never identified. 

Saturday, October 12, 1974 - TCSO publicly announced the arrest of the neighbor in the Caldwell attack, “after investigation by Sheriff’s detectives.” Saturday night into Sunday morning the Tulare Cat Burglar hit six houses. Purses, wallets and cash were taken from bedrooms next to sleeping victims. All burglaries in TPD jurisdiction. 

Sunday, October 13, 1974, 10:00 pm - TCSO jurisdiction. A 32-yr-old woman was attacked in bed while asleep. Suffered injuries nearly identical to the victim in the October 9th attack. Attack shared thirteen key VR/EAR MO points: 

1. Entry to the house was made through a locked back door into garage, then through unlocked door to the kitchen;

2. The security chain was placed across the front door;

3. Bedroom doors of sleeping children were closed;

4. Purse was taken into the back of the house, and contents dumped out;

5. Valuable jewelry left in plain site;

6. Dog in bedroom did not alert;

7. Victim punched in the face in sudden attack;

8. Brief glimpse of attacker’s wrist allowed victim to identify him as white;

9. Suspect’s head appeared to be a dark, featureless blob, was likely wearing dark mask or hood;

10. Husband was out-of-town on a trip;

11. Jewelry box on dresser dumped out;

12. Two cartons of cigarettes taken; and

13. Attack occurred next door to public information officer for TCSO, who arrived home late in the evening from a scheduled TCSO event. He and his wife were called to the scene by the victim, and were the first responders. This attack occurred one day after TCSO made a public statement about the October 9th case being solved.

Saturday, October 19, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed three VR burglaries.

Wednesday, October 23, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed two VR burglaries.

Friday, November 1, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed five VR burglaries. 

Saturday, November 2, 1974 - DeAngelo committed four VR burglaries in the NW sector of Visalia. Two of the burglaries were within three blocks of the last place Jennifer Armour was seen on November 15th.

Friday, November 15, 1974, 7:30 pm - 15 year old Mt. Whitney High School sophomore, Jennifer Armour, vanished in Visalia while walking from her home to meet friends for a ride to the football game. Jennifer was last seen on a busy street. She was two blocks from where her friends were waiting in the K-Mart parking lot.

Saturday, November 16, 1974 - Jennifer’s mother realized that she had not spent the night with friends, and was missing. The police treated it as a possible runaway, and no public plea for information was released. 

Sunday, November 24, 1974 - The following Sunday, an orange rancher discovered Jennifer’s body in the Friant-Kern Canal on the edge of his grove. The remote location in rural Exeter was 12 miles from where Jennifer was last seen. She was naked with her hands bound with her bra. Her blouse was found on a nearby canal bank. Her shoes, pants, underpants, jacket and handmade necklace were missing, and never found. Police dragged the canal, and searched down stream, but no additional evidence was located. Jennifer’s cause of death was listed as drowning. The case was treated as possibly accidental for over a year.

The area where Jennifer was walking when she was kidnapped had been the center of VR activity in the weeks leading up to her abduction, but no connection between the cases was made, largely because Visalia was PD jurisdiction (VPD), but the canal area was Sheriff’s Office (TCSO). 

Tuesday, November 26, 1974 - Tulare County Sheriff, Bob Wiley, issued a statement regarding Jennifer Armour, and said “there is no reason to believe that the girl may have been murdered.”

Friday, November 29, 1974 - Jennifer’s services were held in Visalia. Between about 5:00 pm-11:00 pm, DeAngelo committed five ransacking burglaries in Visalia. The Tulare Cat Burglar hit one house after midnight. Entered through garage door into kitchen, took coins while victim was sleeping.

Saturday, November 30, 1974 - Between about 5:00 pm-11:00 pm, DeAngelo committed thirteen ransacking burglaries in Visalia. The Tulare Cat Burglar hit eight houses between roughly midnight and 6:00 am Sunday morning. In each case, the offender took a purse and/or wallet from the occupied bedroom, including the home of TCSO Chamberlain, where a gun and coins were also taken. 

Saturday, December 14, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed four VR burglaries.

Monday, December 16, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Saturday, December 21, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed four VR burglaries.

Sunday, December 22, 1974 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed four VR burglaries.

Saturday, January 25, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed two VR burglaries.

Sunday, February 2, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed three VR burglaries. One homeowner found a bottle of lotion that was not from their house - brought to the scene by the VR.

Wednesday, February 5, 1975 - Visalia - Claude Snelling chased a prowler away from a rear window of his home.

Sunday, February 16, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed three VR burglaries.

Saturday, February 22, 1975 - 3:00 am. 21-yr-old Nadine Kopplin was bludgeoned to death in her home at the Sesame Tree Apartments in Goleta.

Saturday, March 1, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Monday, April 3, 1975 - Visalia, 16-yr-old girl was offered a ride, and then forced into a car on W. 

Walnut at Woodland. She was raped in a "rural area" and then dropped back at Chinowth Road and Harvard Ave. The suspect was described as 29 - 32 years old.

Saturday, May 24, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed four VR burglaries.

Saturday, May 31, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Wednesday, July 23, 1975 - The Exeter Sun ran a news story in the “Police Blotter” about DeAngelo investigating and solving a local burglary case.

Thursday July 24, 1975 - W Kaweah Ave, Visalia. An 18-yr-old girl returning home surprised DeAngelo coming down the outside stairs from the tenant's apartment over the garage. DeAngelo was wearing a mask, and he grabbed the victim and knocked her down to make his escape. The tenant’s apartment had been ransacked. 

Friday, July 25, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed two VR burglaries. 

Friday, Aug 1, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Saturday, Aug 23, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed three VR burglaries. 

Sunday, August 24, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed two VR burglaries. 

Friday, August 29, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Saturday, August 30, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Sunday, August 31, 1975 - W. Royal Oaks Ave, Visalia. Between 6:00-10:45 pm, DeAngelo committed a ransacking burglary, and stole a .38 Miroku Revolver with a 4 1/2" Barrel; loaded with three steel jacket, hollow point bullets. He also took two boxes of 12 gauge ammunition, three boxes (100 count each) of .38 ammo; a necklace; and one silver dollar. The Miroku was later positively identified as the weapon used to murder Claude Snelling.

Sunday, August 31, 1975 - Visalia, both of the Snelling cars parked in their carport were broken into, and the glove boxes rummaged. Nothing appeared to be missing.

Thursday, September 11, 1975, 2:00 am - 16 year old Mt. Whitney High School junior, Beth Snelling, was awakened by a masked DeAngelo on top of her in bed, smothering her, and pinning her arms down with his legs. He threatened to stab and shoot her if she made a noise, and he ordered her to go with him. DeAngelo dragged her out of her house through the back door and into the carport. Beth’s 45-yr-old father, Claude, heard the commotion and yelled from the house, DeAngelo then shot Mr. Snelling twice, kicked Beth several times in the face, and briskly walked away from the scene. He had arrived on a stolen bike, and it was presumed that he was going to take Beth, perhaps in one of the family’s cars, to be raped, and possibly murdered. 

The Snelling home had been the center of VR activity since April, 1974, and was located about 4 blocks east of the location where Jennifer Armour was last seen 10 months earlier.

Thursday, September 11, 1975, 12:00 pm - Several of Beth Snelling’s close friends pulled into the parking lot at Mt. Whitney High School. They were returning to the same space they had left a short time earlier. As they got out of their vehicle, they noticed that someone had written on the side mirror of the truck next to them, and turned the mirror out so that it was visible. On the mirror was written “Beth, I’ll get the rest.” It appeared to be written by a finger in the dust on the mirror. VPD were called, and they removed the entire side mirror, and booked it into evidence. Claude Snelling was killed at 2 am, and the note was found about 10 hours later, before details had hit the newspaper, or had a chance to get around school.

Friday, September 19, 1975 - A citizen found a Taurus revolver in a ditch between Visalia and Exeter. He called VPD directly (instead of TCSO) because he thought it could be the Snelling murder weapon. VPD concluded that the same firearm had been stolen by DeAngelo in a May 24, 1975 burglary, but it was not the gun that killed Claude Snelling. Employees of a nearby fertilizer plant were checked for possible VR suspects.

Monday, September 22, 1975 - VPD investigators searching the ditches between Visalia and Exeter found a large flathead screwdriver matching VR scenes, and .222 ammunition, wrapped in a vinyl raincoat. These items were located about 500 yards from the home of Oscar Clifton’s parents. VPD were not familiar with Clifton, and did not make any connection. VPD Sgt. Vaughan now believes that this was an attempt by DeAngelo to frame Clifton for the Snelling homicide. The area was TCSO jurisdiction, and TCSO Byrd, Barnes and Farris would have immediately made the connection between the location, Clifton, his 1965 case, and possible evidence in the Snelling homicide. 

Monday, September 22, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed a VR burglary with more extreme ransacking than normal, including leaving a cut-up bra and wadded up panties on the pillow of the teen daughter’s bed. 

September/October, 1975  - A 13 year old girl in 8th grade at McCann School, was walking alone to a store in downtown Visalia after school. As she walked on a residential street, a car driven by a uniformed officer pulled up next to her and offered her a ride. He stated that it was too hot for her to be walking, but she declined the offer, did not approach the car, and continued walking on the sidewalk. The car drove off quickly in her direction of travel. However, after walking a few blocks, the car had circled back around behind her again. While still seated in his car, the officer ordered her into the car, and threatened to “report” her if she did not comply. 

The girl felt that something was wrong, and turned and ran in the opposite direction. She immediately cut through a yard to an alley she used as a short cut. She made her way home going through yards, and staying off the sidewalk. Later that night, her siblings reported a police car parked down the block from their house. Her parents, believing that she was in some kind of trouble for eluding a police officer, contacted VPD - the correct jurisdiction for the events. The uniformed officer and police car were not VPD, and the girl has since made a positive identification of DeAngelo as the man who ordered her into his car.

October 21, 1975, 3:00 pm - The Visalia Times-Delta published an update story on the Snelling Homicide: 

“Presently, Sgt. John Vaughn and agents William McGowen and Duane Shipley are handling the investigation. All are confident they will succeed. We are getting a lot of leads and tips. Lots of things are being worked on,” Vaughn said. "We'll catch the guy," McGowan said.”

That same afternoon, the most recent VR burglary victim received a disturbing phone call, followed by someone ringing her doorbell, and holding his hand over the peephole. The woman immediately called VPD, but the suspect was not located. 

October 21-23, 1975 - Exeter home burglarized while resident was out-of-town. The home was ransacked, and watches, mandolins, a Masonic ring, ninety-seven old silver dollars, thirty Kennedy silver half-dollars, $300 in other coins, three boxes of .22 ammunition, flashlight, and a roman coin dated 50 BC were taken. 

Friday, October 24, 1975  - DeAngelo committed four VR burglaries. It appeared from witness reports and footprints, that he started with two homes on W. Campus Ave. While VPD were responding to those burglaries, at around 10:30 pm, DeAngelo moved on to Whitney Lane, across from the Snelling house. A neighbor saw the VR cutting through yards to S. Redwood, where he committed a third burglary - 325 feet from the Snelling house. 

DeAngelo then crossed Redwood to the house where he had left the stolen bike on the night of the Snelling homicide, passed through that yard, and across the back fence. He then burglarized the home on the other side of the fence. 

The burglaries seemed to serve no real purpose other than to commit signature ransacking, sure to be recognized by VPD. Kitchen drawers were pulled out evenly, but not disturbed; women’s undergarments were displayed with jewelry boxes on the bed pillows; lotion was left out; and the chain was thrown across a front door. Sgt. Vaughan noted in his report that the only motive for much of the ransacking appeared to be to “draw attention” and  “to leave his calling card.” The VPD investigators believed that they were being taunted for their comments in the newspaper.

Wednesday, October 29, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Sunday, November 2, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed two VR burglaries.

Thursday, November 6, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

November 12, 1975 - DeAngelo was promoted to Sgt., head of Exeter PD’s anti-burglary unit, and JAB (Joint Attack on Burglary) multi-jurisdictional task force.

Monday, December 1, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed four VR burglaries. 

Monday December 8, 1975 - Visalia, DeAngelo committed one VR burglary.

Fall, 1975 - DeAngelo continued to commit VR burglaries, but only on nights when VPD was not conducting stakeouts. They believed that the VR was somehow aware of their activities, and conducted a secret stakeout at a home where they had found footprints. (Note:  The prints were found under the window of the teenage victim from July 24, 1975, on W. Kaweah.)

Wednesday, December 10, 1975, 8:30 pm - DeAngelo appeared outside the girl’s window, was held at gunpoint by Agent McGowen, gunfire was exchanged, and DeAngelo escaped. VPD were quickly called to a nearby ransack burglary, and it was determined that items dropped by the VR during the shooting matched those from the earlier burglary.

Thursday, December 18, 1975, 3:00 pm - VPD released a composite sketch and description of the VR in the local paper. Described as having blond hair parted on the left, blue eyes, very pale skin, and a round, soft baby face, aged 25-35. 

Thursday, December 18, 1975, 6:00-9:00 pm  - Gary Bardone’s house on S. Belmont in Exeter was burglarized. DeAngelo responded to the scene with another Exeter PD officer, and spent an extended period in the house alone with Gary’s 18-yr-old wife, and infant child. 25-yr-old Gary was told to wait in the garage. The second Exeter PD officer was told to canvass the neighbors during that time. A few nights later, DeAngelo appeared in plain clothes at the Bardone home at 9:00 pm, and stated that he needed to interview Gary’s wife alone in the bedroom. Gary asked DeAngelo to leave, which resulted in a tense confrontation, and eventual exit from the house. 

Friday, December 26, 1975 - 14-yr-old Exeter High School freshman, Donna Jo Richmond, disappeared while riding her bike home from her boyfriend’s house at around 4:00 pm. The ride home was over 4 miles, but there were no reported sightings of her after she left her boyfriend’s house on Marinette. 

Saturday, December 27, 1975, 1:30 pm - Donna’s body was found on Neel Ranch, an orange grove next to the Friant-Kern canal on Marinette, 3 miles directly east of her boyfriend’s house on the same road where she was last seen. There were no witnesses, or evidence that showed that Donna ever rode south of Marinette towards home.

Neel Ranch is 1.5 miles due south of the grove/canal location where Jennifer Armour was found 13 months earlier. Both Jennifer and Donna were traveling alone on Friday evenings, had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and were about the same age. Both girls were missing their shoes, panties, and pants, and the clothing items were taken from the homicide scenes. Both girls were killed in rural Exeter, outside of Exeter PD and Visalia PD jurisdiction, and both cases were handled by TCSO.

12/26/75  2:30 pm - TSCO found a ski cap/mask on the edge of the grove at Neel Ranch. The unique description appears to match the mask description from the Snelling homicide three months earlier. Visalia PD were not contacted, and Beth Snelling was not shown the mask. 

Sunday, February 15, 1976 - Exeter, home of a dentist ransacked. Silverware, coins and stamps stolen. 

Monday, March 15, 1976 - Exeter, pink lunch box filled with old silver coins stolen in home burglary. 

May 11, 1976 - State grant funding announced for DeAngelo’s JAB position, slated to cover August, 1976-July, 1977.

May, 1976 - DeAngelo’s brother, John, moved to Exeter with his wife, and infant daughter.

June 2, 1976 - Sharon’s letter to the editor regarding pay increases for state employees is published in the Visalia Times-Delta.

June 7, 1976 - Sharon departed Sacramento with her grandmother for three weeks in Canada.

Friday, June 18, 1976, 4:00 am - DeAngelo committed the first EAR attack, on a 23-yr-old Rancho Cordova woman. She was home alone while her father was out-of-town.

Monday, June 21, 1976 - Thursday, July 15, 1976 - Oscar Clifton stood trial in Tulare County for Donna Jo Richmond’s murder. He was convicted of all charges, and sentenced to death.

June 28, 1976 - Sharon returned from her trip to Canada.

Saturday, July 17, 1976, 2:00 am - DeAngelo attacked 15 and 16-yr-old sisters in Carmichael. The girls were home alone while their parents were out-of-town.

August 2, 1976 - Paul Avery’s first byline in the Sacramento Bee.

August 4, 1976 - The Exeter City Council approved DeAngelo’s Sgt. salary in the new 1976-77 fiscal year budget.

August 25, 1976 - DeAngelo’s resignation from Exeter PD was announced.

Sunday, August 29, 1976, 3:20 am - DeAngelo broke into a Rancho Cordova home and assaulted the 41-yr-old female homeowner when she resisted his attempts to bind her, and her 12 year old daughter. The presumed target was the woman’s 15 year old daughter, who escaped out her bedroom window. The billy club used in the attack matched one stolen by the VR on October 24, 1975.

Tuesday, August 31, 1976 - DeAngelo’s first shift as patrol officer with Auburn PD.

Saturday, September 4, 1976, 11:00 pm - DeAngelo attacked a 29-yr-old woman in the driveway at the home of her parents in Carmichael. The woman’s parents were out-of-town, and she was forced back into the house, and assaulted.

September 16, 1976 - Oscar Clifton was formally sentenced to death, and sent to San Quentin’s Death Row.

Tuesday, October 5, 1976, 6:30 am  - DeAngelo attacked a 30-yr-old woman alone in the house with her young son in Citrus Heights. DeAngelo entered the house immediately after the woman’s husband left for work.

Saturday, October 9, 1976, 1:00 am - Rancho Cordova - DeAngelo burglarized the house next door to his attack victim, and planted jewelry stolen from earlier EAR scenes. A 19-yr-old male was staying alone for the weekend while his parents were out-of-town. He became the prime suspect in the EAR cases. He was cleared by SSO officers who had him under surveillance during the next EAR attack. 

Saturday, October 9, 1976, 3:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a 19-yr-old alone in her home in Rancho Cordova while her father was out-of-town. Her house had been burglarized on March 7, 1973.

October 18, 1976 - DeAngelo attacked a 32-yr-old woman alone in her home with her two sleeping children in Carmichael.

October 18, 1976 - DeAngelo attacked a 19-yr-old as she parked her car in her driveway in Rancho Cordova. After walking her around the corner and down the sidewalk to a neighbor’s yard at knifepoint, he tied her up, assaulted her, stabbed her through her clothing, and went back to her home and stole her car. Her car was located about a mile away, with the dog locked in the trunk, unharmed. The car was locked, and the keys with a “ribbit” frog keychain were taken.

Thursday, November 4, 1976 - The Sacramento Bee reported on a serial rapist attacking lone females in Rancho Cordova, Del Dayo, and Crestview. SSO Shelby said that they had been hoping to catch him in a stakeout, but the series had become public at a community meeting at the Del Dayo school. 

Wednesday, November 10, 1976 - DeAngelo’s third wedding anniversary.

Wednesday, November 10, 1976 - The Sacramento Bee published its first article on the EAR, titled “East Area Rapist…Fear Grips Serene Neighborhoods.” SSO admitted to failing to publicize the rapes, and warn the neighborhoods, because they feared “widespread panic.” Community meetings, guns, locks, alarms, and local patrols were discussed. One woman was quoted:

"Maybe when he (the rapist) sees that we’re not going to be terrorized, that we are going to get our men organized and face him, by God, he’ll think before attacking another woman.”

There was also a second article, titled, “Rape Prevention…Being Aware Is Vital.”  The article covered tips such as locks, curtains, and outdoor lighting. Woman were advised to pay attention to barking dogs, and call police if they saw any prowlers. SSO Carol Daly described the average rapist as a 23-year-old white male in a committed relationship with a woman, not a “wide-eyed, sex-crazed psychopath.” She advised only fighting back if the attacker did not have a weapon, and suggested that women should to try to establish a “rapport,” and talk her way out of an assault. Daly also had some advice regarding firearms:

“Ms. Daly urges women to be well-versed in the use of any weapon kept in the home.

A woman who plans to fight her attacker should aim "to injure him.’' Ms. Daly said, “A little pain only makes him angrier. She (the victim) must aim to injure or incapacitate him to give her a chance to get away.”

“Any person who uses a gun to defend his/her life or that of someone near them is charged with homicide. The defense to the charge would be justifiable homicide.

If he (a rapist) came into my house and I had a gun…I would shoot.”

Wednesday, November 10, 1976, 7:30 pm - Citrus Heights - DeAngelo kidnapped a 16 year old San Juan High School student in her home while her parents were out to dinner. The girl was watching TV with her dog on the couch when DeAngelo broke in, tied her up, and walked her, at knifepoint, to a pre-selected attack site over 1/4 mile from her home. He took her over a fence into a neighbor’s yard, into a culvert under the street, and then through a drainage canal that ran behind nearby homes to a clearing. Prior to leaving the house, he turned off the television, turned on lights, replaced a window screen, and locked the door. When the victim’s parents returned home, they assumed she had left voluntarily, and did not alert the police.

Saturday, December 18, 1976, 6:30 pm - DeAngelo attacked a 15 year old girl who was alone in her home in Carmichael while her parents attended a holiday party.

December, 1976 - EAR victim from October attack moved to Leeds Court, in Danville. 

Monday, January 17, 1977 - The Auburn Journal reported a story about DeAngelo and Nick Willick giving chase, and capturing some escapees from juvenile hall.

Wednesday, January 19, 1977, 1:00 am - DeAngelo attacked a 25-yr-old pregnant woman just inside Sacramento PD jurisdiction. He cut a photo of the victim and her husband, and only took the portion with the victim. DeAngelo stole her car, and left it parked at an apartment complex behind a Raley’s on Folsom Blvd.

Monday, January 24, 1977, 12:15 am- DeAngelo attacked a 25-yr-old woman alone in her home in Citrus Heights.

Monday, February 7, 1977, 6:45 am -  DeAngelo attacked a 31-yr-old woman alone in her home in Carmichael immediately after her husband left for work. She fought DeAngelo, and he cut himself with his knife, leaving blood in the victim’s hair. On February 8, the EAR’s blood type was identified as A+. 

February 16, 1977 - 18-yr-old Rodney Miller was shot chasing a prowler from his yard in Sacramento PD jurisdiction. 

February 28, 1977 - TCSO Sgt Byrd ordered the destruction or return of all evidence held by TCSO in the Donna Jo Richmond homicide case.

Wednesday, March 2, 1977, 11:30 am - PG&E employees, 28-yr-old Carla Burkart & 55-yr-old Bill Harrington, were shot to death in their truck while delivering work notices to homes on Lone Pine Place in Granite Bay, CA. They were shot in front of a home that was burglarized, and ransacked. 

March 7, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee reported that the PG&E investigation had stalled. PSCO said “the leads are leading nowhere…they’re out beating the brush” but investigators are “absolutely stalemated.” A reward of $20,500 was announced. 

Tuesday, March 8, 1977, 3:45 am - DeAngelo attacked a 37-yr-old lone female in her home in Sacramento PD jurisdiction. 

Wednesday, March 16, 1977 - The Rancho Cordova Grapevine published a story about a community meeting on rape prevention to take place that night at the Mills Station Restaurant, on Folsom Blvd. 

Friday, March 18, 1977, 4:15-5:00 pm - The PBX board operator at SSO received three phone calls from an unidentified male:

1. “I’m the East Area Rapist” - the caller then hung up.

2. “I’m the East Area Rapist” - followed by laughter, and another hang up.

3. “I am the East Area Rapist and I have my next victim already stalked and you guys can’t catch me.”

The caller disconnected the call each time before the operator was able to switch it to the communications center, where the caller would have been recorded. 

Friday, March 18, 1977, 10:45 pm - 16-yr-old Cordova High School student attacked in Rancho Cordova. This is the only DeAngelo case where it is confirmed that he was already inside the house, and apparently waiting for the specific victim to return home. The girl’s parents were out-of-town, and their packed car had been parked outside the previous night. The girl’s brother lived away from home, and her younger sister was spending the night with a friend. She was confronted by DeAngelo in the kitchen as she returned from work at the nearby KFC (across the street from Mills Station meeting), and had dialed the phone to call the friend with whom she was spending the night. DeAngelo appeared from the master bedroom, holding an axe. 

DeAngelo had entered through the garage/kitchen doors by chiseling out the wood around the lock striker plates on three doors, and then prying the jams. The house had been ransacked to a “significant degree.” The victim’s canopy bed had been moved to block the door to her room, and the drawers and jewelry boxes had been dumped on the floor. The bed in the master bedroom was broken, and the mattresses were “strewn about,” and all of the dresser drawers were emptied onto the floor. One of the end tables in the living room had been placed on a couch, and the other moved the middle of the room. The victim’s purse was dumped onto the kitchen floor, and DeAngelo left empty Diet Dr. Pepper bottles at the side of the garage. The victim had been received hang up phone calls for about two weeks prior to the attack. 

The attack was interrupted by the insistent calling, and eventually knocking of the friend she had been calling when she arrived home. DeAngelo escaped out of the back sliding door, and over the back fence. He left the axe balanced on top of the fence.

March 20, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee published an EAR story covering the attack on the 18th, and it stated: “He has never attacked while there is a man in the home.”

March 23, 1977 - The Rancho Cordova Grapevine also reported on the attack on the 18th, but with the headline, “No proof Rancho attacker is east area rapist.” SSO suggested that the girl simply surprised a home burglar, and said “We have absolutely no proof the attack was made by the East Area Rapist.” That was a lie - SSO had already matched footprints from prior attacks, and were 100% confident in the MO, and pre-attack phone calls pointing to the EAR.

Friday, April 1, 1977 - The Auburn Journal reported the arrest, and charging of Kenneth Partin for the murders of PG&E employees Carla Burkart and Bill Harrington. The story included a perp walk photo 

of Partin. 

Saturday, April 2, 1977, 2:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a 26 and 29-yr-old couple in their home in Orangevale.

Friday, April 15, 1977, 2:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a 19 and 24-yr-old couple in their home in Carmichael. 

Monday, May 2, 1977 - The Auburn Journal reported on Kenneth Partin’s preliminary hearing to determine whether or not there was enough evidence to hold him over for trial in the Burkart and Harrington murders. 

Tuesday, May 3, 1977, 2:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a 30 and 36-yr-old couple in their home in Sacramento PD jurisdiction.

Wednesday, May 4, 1977 - The Auburn Journal reported that all charges against Kenneth Partin in the PG&E case were dismissed, and he was released from custody. 

Thursday, May 5, 1977, 12:15 am - DeAngelo attacked a 25 and 34-yr-old couple in their home in Orangevale.

Saturday, May 14, 1977 4:00 am - DeAngelo attacked a 22 and 30-yr-old couple in their home in Citrus Heights.

Monday, May 16 - Tuesday, May 17, 1977 - At 11:00 pm, a 27-yr-old man was watching television in the family room of his home on Haskell Ave in Carmichael. He looked up to see a man looking in his kitchen window. The man then saw the suspect hop a six foot fence into the neighbor’s yard. He described the suspect as white, athletic, 5’9” - 5”10” tall. SSO deputy Weinberger answered the homeowner’s call, and while they were outside talking, they noticed the suspect hiding between two houses, and Weinberger gave chase until he lost the suspect at the nearby electrical substation.

Returning to Haskell, Weinberger discovered that the new, unoccupied house next to the homeowner had been broken into via the sliding glass door. Multiple units were called in to hunt for the suspect, and Weinberger was taken up in a helicopter to try to locate a car he had seen leaving the area of the substation. 

At 1:30 am, on Tuesday, DeAngelo committed an EAR attack on a 26 and 31-yr-old couple on Sandbar Circle, in Del Dayo. The husband in the home was the man who had publicly confronted Richard Shelby at the nearby community meeting at Del Dayo School on November 3, 1976.

DeAngelo was particularly threatening during that attack, and made statements directed specifically at SSO:

“I'm going to kill everything in this house if you don’t do as I tell you. I'll kill everything

in the house and then I'll leave in the night. If I hear these dishes, I'm going to come back and kill for the first time. Those fuckers, those fuckers, those pigs - I've never killed before but I'm going to kill now. I want you to tell those fuckers, those pigs, I have bunches of televisions. I am going to listen to the radio and watch television and if I hear about this, I’m going to go out tomorrow night and kill two people. People are going to die.”

Back on Haskell, the homeowner left for work at 7:30 am, and returned home for lunch around noon. Upon his return he found a religious pamphlet tiled “Four Spiritual Laws” shoved in his front door. In perfect ink block lettering, on successive pages, was written:


Wednesday, May 18, 1977 - Visalia PD officers traveled to Sacramento to meet with SSO EAR investigators in an attempt to convince them that the Visalia Ransacker and EAR were the same offender. Their conclusion was based on a review of the EAR, and related burglary case files. This meeting was reported on the front page of the Visalia Times-Delta on the same day.

Sunday, May 22, 1977 5:45-8:50 pm - The homeowners on Haskell, feeling stalked by the EAR had a home alarm system installed on Saturday the 21st. On Sunday evening they went bowling, upon their return home they noticed footprints in fresh plaster dust on the washing machine, and the attic hatch had been disturbed. Upon a full search of the house, they discovered that the master bedroom window was open, and the window screen was damaged. The footprints appeared to match the herringbone pattern located at several EAR scenes, including the March 18th attack. 

Friday, May 27, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee published a story about the new EARS citizen patrol to catch the EAR, titled “CBers’ Night Watch - Rape Patrol Rolls With Cops’ Rules.” The story described 100 volunteers in “EARS PATROL” marked cars patrolling assigned areas previously targeted by the EAR. The organizer said they would patrol until the EAR was stopped, “If he’s apprehended or if he’s scared off…we win either way.”

Saturday, May 28, 1977, 2:30 am -DeAngelo attacked a 28 and 32-yr-old couple in their home in Sacramento PD jurisdiction.

Wednesday, July 27, 1977, 12:30 pm - A 19-yr-old female was kidnapped in her car in the parking lot of Albertsons, at Greenback San Juan Center in Citrus Heights. The man had a gun, and gave her specific, turn by turn directions to a location in Granite Bay. After missing a turn, and attempting to turn around, the car got stuck, and the attacker walked her to a nearby wooded drainage area. She was stabbed, and left for dead in a culvert. Searchers found, and saved her the next morning. 

Wednesday, August 17, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee published a story from SSO disclosing the receipt of an anonymous, typewritten letter the day before. The letter claimed to have information on the EAR, asked SSO to put a message in the press if they wanted more information, and it was signed “Afraid.”

Thursday, August 18, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee published an update on the “Afraid” letter, saying that SSO had received several calls claiming authorship of the letter, but that the tips were still being evaluated. SSO Bill Miller again urged “Afraid” to contact the department directly. The story noted that they EAR had not struck since May 28th.

Thursday, August 18, 1977, 1:00 pm - 15-yr-old Linda Sue Kuykendall and 16-yr-old Christine Riley left Christine’s house in Rancho Cordova to walk to Linda’s house, across the Sunrise Bridge, to Carmichael. The girls disappeared somewhere along the route. Although they had taken nothing with them, and Linda was barefoot, SSO determined that they had run away from home. The public was not informed of their disappearance.

Sunday, September 4, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee published a “News Quiz” with the following question

This person was credited with increasing home security in the Sacramento area, thus cutting down on burglaries

(a) The Sacramento police chief; 

(b) The Sacramento County Sheriff; 

(c) The east-area rapist.

The correct answer was “( c ),” the EAR.

Monday, September 5, 1977 - 27-yr-old Elizabeth Mary Wolf was found stabbed to death in her apartment in Davis. Elizabeth was a special education teacher, who had just moved into the Sundance Apartments to start her new job teaching at Green Gate Center for the deaf. She was stabbed 12 times in the back, twice in the abdomen, and twice in the hand/arm. She was found in her bedroom, fully clothed, and there was no sign of a sexual assault. She was last known to be alive on Sunday evening at about 10:30 pm, the TV was on, and the front door was unlocked when she was found by a friend. There was no sign of forced entry, or burglary.  

Tuesday, September 6, 1977, 12:15 - DeAngelo attacked a 29- and 31-yr-old couple in their home in Stockton. 

Tuesday, September 20, 1977 - Citrus Heights - The home of Kenneth Lane was burglarized. The break in was reported to SSO and Lane’s insurance company. 

Thursday, September 22, 1977, 12:00-3:00 pm - The James Williams house was burglarized in Granite Bay. The burglar took a gun, and costume jewelry. Williams was the first person to call 911 after the PG&E murders, lived next door to the homicide scene, was the uncle of that homeowner, and was quoted in the Sacramento Bee on March 4th as saying, “I don’t mind telling you that if I got the chance, I’d plug ‘em.”

Saturday, October 1, 1977, 1:30-2:00 am - DeAngelo attacked a 17 and 21-yr-old couple in their home in Rancho Cordova.

Monday, October 3, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee ran a story titled, “Police Believe Rapist Is Toying With Them.” SSO Bill Miller said it was believed that the intense investigative pressure and citizen patrols had temporarily pushed the EAR out of Sacramento. Stockton Sgt. Jackson said, “He’s playing with us; there’s no doubt about that. But anything about him is pure speculation. You try to build a theory about this guy and he just blows it apart. The only consistent thing about him is that he is inconsistent.” 

Tuesday, October 4, 1977 - Kimberly Best and Paige Sinclair, both 15 yrs, were last seen near a freeway onramp in Auburn. They were found the next day by deer hunters. Kimberly had been shot in the head, and Paige had been bludgeoned. They were thrown down an embankment on the side of a remote dirt road in the mountains above Auburn. They had run away from their homes in Oregon a few days before, and were on their way to Reno. The girls were not sexually assaulted, and their belongings were found with their bodies; there was no apparent motive for their murders. 

Thursday, October 20, 1977 - The Placer Herald carried a front page story on the arrest of Kenneth Lane, including a perp walk photo. The story claimed that a star eye witness had seen the girls get into Lane’s truck, and then memorized the license plate and called it in. (It turned out later that the license plate numbers were fed to her in the second of two sessions of being “hypnotized” by a PSCO deputy. She recalled zero numbers from the plate during her first two interviews.) The same article and photos had run in the Auburn Journal the previous day. 

The Roseville Press Tribune had a front page story that featured photos of PCSO investigators searching Kenneth Lane’s home in Citrus Heights. The address of the home was included. The story said that they were searching for the murder weapons and any bloody stained items. Nothing was found. 

Friday, October 21, 1977, 3:00 am - DeAngelo attacked a 32 and 35-yr-old couple in their home in the Foothill neighborhood. He told the female victim to give a message to the police, “Tell the pigs I’ll be back New Year’s Eve.” It was the first attack in the Foothill neighborhood, and about 18 blocks south on Roseville Road from Kenneth Lane’s house. That attack location was also 900 feet from the home of Jim Huddle’s (DeAngelo’s brother-in-law) business partner in Terra Nova Produce.

The woman had been receiving hang up phone calls for several weeks, and a few days prior to the attack she had come home to find the door between the kitchen and garage open. Several months before that, the family had found the sliding glass patio door open. 

Friday, October 28, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee reported on a community meeting held at Foothill Junior High School to discuss the EAR. The meeting was attended by 900 residents, and SSO Carol Daly told the audience that they were doing “everything possible” to catch the EAR including consulting a psychic, and asking someone to prepare a “biorhythm chart,” which was impossible since they didn’t know the offender’s birthdate.

Saturday, October 29, 1977, 1:45 am - DeAngelo attacked a 22 and 27-yr-old couple in their home in Sacramento PD jurisdiction.

Wednesday, November 9, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee reported on a community meeting to discuss the EAR. The meeting was held at Mira Loma High School, and attended by 700 residents. The story was accompanied by a large photo of the crowd, and photos of SSO Carol Daly (photo caption: …he’s average) and Gary Iames (caption: …we are ready for him). The officers advised the crowd on deadbolt, and sliding glass door locks, and Daly suggested that any homeowner who shot the EAR would “probably get a commendation or an award.”

Thursday, November 10, 1977 - DeAngelo’s fourth wedding anniversary. 

Thursday, November 10, 1977, 3:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a 13 year old girl in her home in Sacramento PD jurisdiction while her 56-yr-old mother was tied up in another room.   

Thursday, December 1, 1977 - The Placer Herald, and Roseville Press Tribune both carried front page stories about the possibility that Kenneth Lane’s cancer was terminal, and he might not be able to stand trial. His plea entry was delayed while he was sent to the hospital for evaluation. 

Friday, December 2, 1977 - The Auburn Journal ran a story about the “trained hypnotist” in PSCO, Lt. Engellenner. He was the jail supervisor. Engellenner was planning to make a presentation on hypnosis at a convention of homicide and robbery investigators in Oregon. According to the article, “Engellenner reportedly used hypnosis to help a witness remember a license number which led to the arrest of Lane.”

Friday, December 2, 1977, 11:00 pm - The operator at the SSO unrecorded complaint line received a call from an unidentified male who whispered, “I’ll commit another rape tonight,” and hung up.

Friday, December 2, 1977, 11:30 pm - DeAngelo broke into the home of a mid-30s woman in the Foothill neighborhood. Her husband was at work, and she was alone in the house with her sleeping children. DeAngelo tied her up, but was distracted by a group of noisy kids in the street outside, and left without any further attack.

This was the second attack near Kenneth’s home. It was two blocks from the Foothill community meeting with SSO Daly on Oct 28th. It was also only four blocks from the home of Jim Huddle’s partner in Terra Nova Produce. The victim had received hang up phone calls, and a few weeks prior to the attack she had come home to find her house locked (she had left it unlocked). Pickles inside the refrigerator had been moved, and a photo of the victim was taken during that break in. 

Saturday, December 10, 1977 - The Sacramento Bee reported that the remains of Linda Sue Kuykendall and Christine Riley were found the day before by a nature photographer. The location was a ravine off Latrobe Road, near El Dorado Hills. 

December 11, 1977 - “Excitement's Crave” dated/sent/received. Typed originals on legal, onion skin paper, received by the editor of the Sacramento Bee, the Sacramento Mayor, and KVIE 6 TV from “your East Area Rapist.” Received by the EAR task force on the 13th.

Saturday, January 28, 1978 - DeAngelo attacked 14- and 15-yr-old sisters in Carmichael while their parents were out-of-town for the weekend.

Monday, January 30, 1978 - The San Francisco Examiner ran a comprehensive story on Zodiac, and the status of the investigation to identify him, titled “A second look/4 years without Zodiac-the questions remain.”

Wednesday, February 1, 1978 - The Auburn Journal ran a front page story about Kenneth Lane’s murder trial being delayed. Lane’s attorney had asked to withdraw from the case because of the burden on his small office.  

Thursday, February 2, 1978 - The Placer Herald also ran a story on the front page about Lane’s attorney asking to be replaced. The Roseville Press Tribune covered the same story, but reported that the presiding judge had, in fact, released the attorney, and appointed the public defender to continue Lane’s defense. 

Thursday, February 2, 1978, 9:00 pm - DeAngelo chased, shot with a .38 Miroku revolver, and killed 20-yr-old Katie, and 21-yr-old Brian Maggiore as they walked their dog on La Gloria Way in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Thursday, February 16, 1978 - The Sacramento Bee published the first composite drawings of possible suspects in the Maggiore case. 

Friday, March 17, 1978 - The Sacramento Bee ran an update story on the Maggiore homicides titled “Officers Return to Murder Scene Hunting for Clues.” A dozen investigators went door to door talking to residents on La Gloria and La Algeria, hoping to find new leads in the case. 

Saturday, March 18, 1978, 1:00 am - DeAngelo attacked a 24 and 29-yr-old couple in Stockton.

Wednesday, March 29, 1978, 3:20 am - DeAngelo attacked a 32-yr-old woman alone with two sleeping children in Rancho Cordova.

Friday, April 14, 1978, 9:50 pm - DeAngelo attacked a 15 year old babysitter in Sacramento PD jurisdiction.

Sunday, April 16, 1978 - The Sacramento Bee published a new set of composite drawings of possible suspects provided by a new witness in the Maggiore murders. 

Monday, April 24, 1978 - Roseville Press Tribune ran a front page story about Kenneth Lane losing a challenge to keep out witness testimony that was the result of PCSO hypnosis.

Monday, April 24, 1978 - Zodiac letter #18. Postmarked San Francisco, sent to San Francisco Chronicle. The letter contained mentions of the Chronicle columnist Herb Caen, and SFPD investigator Toschi, and wondered who would play him in the movie about his crimes. 

Thursday, May 2, 1978, pm - Zodiac letter #19. Postmarked Anaheim. Letter to KHJ-TV in Los Angeles. Threatened to start killing specific targets, and also contained a reference to actors who might play him. 

May 22, 1978 - Clifton’s death sentence was modified to life.

Tuesday, May 30, 1978 - Roseville Press Tribune reported on the granting of Kenneth Lane’s motion for change of venue. No decision was made as to where the trial would be held. The judge ruled that stories about the ballistics, a hypnotized witness, and Lane’s dog could taint the jury pool. 

Monday, June 5, 1978, 2:00 am - DeAngelo attacked a 27 and 24-yr-old couple in their home in Modesto.

Wednesday, June 7, 1978, 3:50 am - DeAngelo attacked a 21-yr-old woman alone in her apartment in Davis. The victim was badly beaten; she suffered a broken nose, and concussion.

Friday, June 23, 1978, 1:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a couple in their home in Modesto.

Friday, June 23, 1978 - A .357 handgun stolen during the EAR attack was found in an irrigation canal about 1.5 miles from the scene. 

Saturday, June 24, 1978, 3:15 am - DeAngelo attacked a couple in their home in Davis.

Thursday, July 6, 1978, 2:50 am - DeAngelo attacked a 33-yr-old female alone with her children in Davis.

Saturday, July 22, 1978 - The Sacramento Union reported a new working relationship between Visalia PD and Sacramento PD, which included sharing the EAR reports withheld from VPD by SSO. After reading the additional reports, and meeting with Sacramento PD, Vaughan and McGowen were quoted:

Now that the Visalia sergeant is again privy to reports on the east area rapist through the Sacramento Police Department, he is “more convinced than ever that they are the same man.” McGowen, whose life was spared when the Ransacker’s bullet hit McGowen’s flashlight, agrees, “I am convinced they’re the same guy” he says. “We will never stop trying to find and convict him.”

Sunday, July 23, 1978 - The Sacramento Bee ran a front page story titled “Sheriff Department Attacks Newspaper Rapist Story.” Bill Miller was quoted for SSO:

"Our people worked with them (Visalia police) over a year ago." the obviously angry Miller said in response. "Our investigators looked at their case and of nine m.o. (method of operation) factors involved; we totally discounted six of them. There was no similarity.”     "It appears to me." he charged, "that these investigators in Visalia were looking for publicity - and it’s not there. That is really irresponsible," Miller said. He later repeated his charge against the Visalia police. adding. "What they did was unprofessional and irresponsible.”

Thursday, September 22, 1978 - Kenneth Lane’s first trial in Santa Rosa started.

Fall, 1978 - Sharon Huddle started McGeorge Law School in Sacramento, 4 year night program.

Friday, October, 6, 1978 - The Auburn Journal ran a front page story about an upcoming trip for the Kenneth Lane jury to visit the homicide scene at the Foresthill Divide.  

Saturday, October 7, 1978, 2:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a 26 and 29-yr-old couple in Concord.

Wednesday, October 11, 1978 - The Auburn Journal and Roseville Press Tribune had front page stories on the Kenneth Lane trial. They focused on “Investigators Ignored Evidence in Murder Case,” which included cigarette papers, a pack of cigarettes (Lane was not a smoker), soda and beer cans, a shotgun shell, and a “notebook” - none of which were collected at the homicide scene by PCSO. The Sacramento Bee ran a large story on B-3 titled “Murder Case: Police Admit Error in Trial Testimony.” PCSO admitted that screws that they claimed came from the murder gun, were actually excluded. The star eye witness was questioned about the fact that the description of the man she claimed to see pick up the girls did not match Lane, especially since he had a dark, bushy beard on the day of the murder. 

Friday, October 13, 1978, 4:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a 29 and 30-yr-old couple in Concord.

Friday, October 13, 1978 - The Auburn Journal ran a front page story on Kenneth Lane’s trial titled, “Pathologist Extends Death Time.” The coroner had changed his determination of time of death for Kimberly Best and Paige Sinclair to account for Lane’s alibi, and the later sightings of the girls in Auburn. 

Friday, October 20, 1978 - The Sacramento Bee, and The Roseville Press Tribune published prominent stories with photos of the Kenneth Lane jury visiting the Kimberly Best and Paige Sinclair homicide scene. 

Saturday, October 21, 1978 - The Sacramento Bee ran a story that covered Kenneth Lane’s alibi at American River College the morning of the Best and Sinclair homicides. 

Monday, October 23, 1978, 12:00 pm - 70-yr-old Alma Endres was murdered in her home in Exeter, CA. Exeter PD immediately arrested and charged a 19 year old apprentice plumber who had been working on Endres’ kitchen sink that morning. The fire department had responded to reports of a fire, and found Endres in her bedroom, disrobed, strangled and set on fire. When the plumber returned after lunch to finish the sink job he made statements saying that it was “his fault” because he believed that he had accidentally started the fire when he lit the pilot light on Endres’ furnace before leaving for lunch. The police argued that there must have been a fight over the sink repair, and he killed her in anger. 

The plumber’s first trial ended in a hung jury, his second trial ended it an conviction, which was overturned, and his third trial was also a hung jury. When the Tulare DA announced that he would try him a fourth time, the plumber accepted a plea for time served. The only evidence against him was his presence at the house shortly before the fire started. 

Saturday, October 28, 1978 - The Sacramento Bee covered an alternate suspect in the Best and Sinclair homicides that the judge had excluded from the Kenneth Lane trial. 

Sunday, October 28, 1978, 4:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a 23 and 24-yr-old couple in San Ramon. 

Friday, November 3, 1978 - The Auburn Journal and Roseville Press Democrat both ran front pages stories about the Kenneth Lane trial. The topic was the alternate suspect in the case. A former neighbor of Lane’s had reportedly told a witness that he had taken Lane’s truck from his driveway while Lane was at school on the day of the homicides. The Sacramento Bee also covered the same story in their A section that day. 

Saturday, November 4, 1978, 3:45 am - DeAngelo attacked a 34-yr-old female with a child in the house in San Jose.

Sunday, December 3, 1978, 4:30 am - DeAngelo attacked a couple in San Jose.

Friday, December 8, 1978 - The Auburn Journal printed a front page story on the cost of the Kenneth Lane trial to the budget of Placer County. 

Saturday, December 9, 1978, 2:00 am - DeAngelo attacked a 32-yr-old woman in her home in Danville - six blocks from the new home of an October, 1976 Sacramento EAR victim. 

February 5, 1979-March 21, 1979 - Kenneth Lane’s second trial held in Santa Rosa. Jury deadlocked. 

Wednesday, March 7, 1979, am - The Auburn Journal had a lengthy story about the start of Kenneth Lane’s second trial. It included three witnesses who saw the girls in Auburn, near the intersection of Lincoln and Foresthill road in the morning, and later in the afternoon - times that Lane was in class, and buying sand at the gravel yard with his girlfriend. 

Wednesday, March 7, 1979 8:30 am - 9-yr-old Katherine Harlan was last seen walking to the school bus stop, but she was not there when the bus arrived. 

Sunday, March 11, 1979 - Katherine Harlan was found in a drainage canal by two men fishing in rural Sutter County, about 15 miles north of her home. She had been bludgeoned, and was not sexually assaulted. 

March 12, 1979 - Paul Avery became a staff writer for the Sacramento Bee.

March 20, 1979 - 5:15 am woman attacked in her home on Filmore Lane, Rancho Cordova. EAR scared off by daughter’s alarm clock. New construction, shopped at Sunrise Pay n’Save night before.

Thursday, April 4, 1979, 1:00 am - DeAngelo attacked a couple in Fremont.

June 1, 1979 - The Auburn Journal gave front page coverage to the start of Kenneth Lane’s third murder trial after two hung juries, and mistrials. The story mainly discussed the prosecutors attempt to discredit the testimony of two eye witnesses who saw the girls in Auburn on the day they were killed. 

Saturday June 2, 1979, 11:34 pm - DeAngelo attacked a 17 yr-old babysitter in Walnut Creek.

Friday, June 8, 1979 - The Auburn Journal had another front page story on the Kenneth Lane trial, which was scheduled to take twice as long as either of his two previous trials. The  multiple hypnosis sessions of the main witness again Lane were discussed in detail. 


Monday, June 11, 1979, 4:00 am - DeAngelo attacked a couple in Danville.

Friday, June 22, 1979 - The Auburn Journal returned the Kenneth Lane story to the front page, with the sole focus on Lane’s alibi in classes at American River College, and with his girlfriend having lunch and going to the gravel yard in the afternoon. The story also discussed the burglary that Lane had suffered at his home on September 20, 1977, and his discussions with the insurance adjustor from school on the day the girls were murdered. 

Monday, June 25, 1979, 4:15 am - DeAngelo attacked a 13 yr-oldgirl in her home in Walnut Creek. The girl’s father, and 16-yr-old sister were asleep in the house.

Monday, July 2, 1979 - Lane jury deadlocked in third trial, mistrial declared. 

Wednesday, July 4, 1979 - The Auburn Journal reported the story of the third hung jury/mistrial in the case against Kenneth Lane for the murder of Kimberly Best, and Paige Sinclair. 

Thursday, July 5, 1979, 3:50 am - DeAngelo’s last documented EAR attack in northern California. Couple in Danville fought back, and DeAngelo dropped shoelaces at the scene.

Monday, July 21, 1979 - DeAngelo was arrested for attempting to shoplift a can of dog mace, and a hammer. The items had been hidden in his pants, and were retrieved by Pay n’Save store security, who were forced to tie DeAngelo to a chair to await SSO. The store was located at Sunrise and Greenback in Citrus Heights. DeAngelo was criminally charged.

August 27, 1979 - DeAngelo was terminated from the Auburn Police Department by Chief Nick Willick.

Monday, October 1, 1979 2:15 am - DeAngelo attempted an EAR style attack on a 33-yr- old couple in Goleta, CA.

Friday, October 26, 1979 - DeAngelo was convicted of misdemeanor shoplifting by a Sacramento jury during a three day trial. He was fined $100, and given six months of probation. 

Tuesday, November 6, 1979 - DeAngelo withdrew the appeal of his dismissal from Auburn PD, which was scheduled to be heard by the Personnel Board on the 9th. 

Sunday, December 30, 1979, 3:00 am - 35-yr-old Dr. Alexandra Manning & 44-yr-old Dr. Robert Offerman were murdered by DeAngelo in their home in Goleta, CA. 

Thursday, March 13, 1980 - The Sacramento Bee published a story titled “Police Debate Tie Between East Area Rapist, Killings.” Both Santa Barbara Sheriff, William Baker, and SSO Lt. Ray Root agreed that the EAR was not the person who killed Drs. Manning and Offerman. 

“Root said that the factor that convinced him there was no connection was the apparent ineptitude exhibited by the killer in Santa Barbara…Root said that scenario does not fit the East Area rapist, who never lost control of a situation.”

Sacramento PD detective Sgt. James D. Bevins disagreed, and stated that he felt there was a “strong possibility” it was the same man. Bevins was circulating copies of the footprint evidence collected at the Offerman/Manning scene within his department. 

Thursday, March 13, 1980 11:30 pm - 43-yr-old Charlene and Lyman Smith were murdered by DeAngelo in their home in Ventura, CA. 

April 11, 1980 - DeAngelo and Sharon purchased the Canyon Oak home in Citrus Heights.

Tuesday, August 19, 1980 11:30 pm - 28-yr-old Patrice and 24-yr- old Keith Harrington were murdered by DeAngelo in their home in Dana Point, CA.

Thursday, February 5, 1981 2:00 am - 28-yr-old Manuela Witthuhn was murdered by DeAngelo in her home in Irvine, CA.

Sunday, May 10, 1981, 3:30 am - Jenny Claire Campbell, 16 yrs, left her boyfriend’s house at La Loma Drive and Folsom Blvd in Rancho Cordova, heading to her house on Ginger Court - about five miles away. Her bludgeoned body was found at 1:30 pm at a popular fishing spot, five miles north of El Dorado Hills. She had not been raped. Her clothing and purse were found scattered along a road about eight miles north of the scene. Investigators ruled out her boyfriend as a suspect. 

Monday, July 27, 1981, 3:30 am - 35-yr-old Cheri Domingo and 28-yr-old Greg Sanchez were murdered by DeAngelo in the home where Cheri was housesitting in Goleta, CA.

Wednesday, September 9, 1981 - DeAngelo’s oldest child was born in Sacramento County.

Wednesday, September 8, 1982, 10:30-12:00 - 27-yr-old Janet Kovacich disappeared from her home in Auburn, CA. Her husband, Paul was a Placer County Sheriff’s deputy. Janet attended San Juan High School, and her mother was the school’s vice principal. There was no sign of a struggle at the house, and only Janet and her purse were missing. Her weddings rings, and watch were still on the bathroom counter, and she had not taken her car. Auburn PD worked with Janet’s bank, but neither her bank accounts, nor her credit cards were ever accessed. 

In 2005, a possible match to Janet was made with a partial skull found at Rollins Lake in 1995. Her husband, Paul, was tried and convicted based on entirely circumstantial evidence. He was the last person known to see her alive, and she was considering a divorce. The DA argued that the motive was anger. Paul is still in prison, and maintains his innocence.

December 3, 1982 - Sharon Huddle admitted to the California Bar.

Wednesday, November 30, 1983, 4:30-9:30 pm - 39-yr-old Rosemary Norris was last seen at her home on Castillo Court in Citrus Heights. Her home was at the end of a cul-de-sac that backed onto Arcade Creek. There was no sign of a struggle, or anything missing from the home. Rosemary’s body was found at 9:30 pm in a field on Cincinnati Ave, in the Sunset-Whitney industrial area. Rosemary had been strangled. She was fully clothed, and there were no signs of a sexual assault. She was not identified until her husband returned home from a business trip the next day, and reported her missing to SSO. Rosemary’s truck and purse were missing. Her truck was located on December 14th by a neighbor, who found it in the parking lot of the Raley’s supermarket near her home. 

Tuesday, June 25, 1985, 9:40 am - 69-yr-old Mary Lloyd was abducted in her car in the parking lot of Safeway in Auburn, CA. Mary had attended church services St. Joseph’s, and was waiting for the store to open. She was parked directly in front of the door. Several witnesses saw her being stabbed in the front seat, and tried to intervene, but the kidnapper exited the car, and threatened them with a gun. Mary’s story received extensive coverage in San Francisco because her brother was the former city editor of the San Francisco Examiner, and head of Western Public Radio. Mary lived on Sylvan Vista Drive, between PG&E victim Bill Harrington, and Auburn PD chief, Nick Willick. 

Monday, July 1, 1985 - Mary Lloyd’s car was found on Victory Blvd, in North Hollywood. The car had been washed, and wiped of fingerprints. It was left parked on the wrong side of the street, in a red zone, with the tires slashed. A CB radio, St. Christopher medal, Mary’s purse, and the registration papers were missing from the car. 

Saturday, July 6, 1985, 8:15 am - A man walking his dog near Applegate Road, two miles north of Applegate, CA, found Mary Lloyd’s body in the brush, down an embankment. 

Tuesday, December 31, 1985, 9:30 am - A Roseville man and his three sons were driving to  Lake Valley Reservoir to go fishing, when they spotted a pair of rolled up socks on a snowbank on the side of the road. When they got out to investigate, they found a jaw bone and teeth, so they called the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. A single sided razor blade was found about six feet from the jaw. Subsequent searches located the victim’s skull, a leg bone placed on a 55 gallon drum, other bones, and a pair of blue pants near an old abandoned cabin about 100 yards from the road. The investigation went nowhere because PCSO stated that there were no possible matching missing person reports.

It was assumed to be a homicide, and assigned to PCSO detective Johnnie Smith, who shredded his investigative files when he retired in 1995. The remains sat untested for DNA until 2023, when a profile was developed, uploaded to state and federal databases, and matched to Donna Lass’ sister, who had given her DNA at the request of South Lake Tahoe PD in 2000. 

Sunday, May 4, 1986 11:30 pm - 18-yr-old Janelle Cruz was murdered by DeAngelo in her home in Irvine, CA.

November 26, 1986 - DeAngelo’s middle child was born in Los Angeles County.

April 28, 1987 - Zodiac letter #20 was sent to the Vallejo Times Herald. As with the 1978 letter, it appealed for attention from Chronicle columnist Herb Caen and SFPD investigator Toschi. The letter threatened to run over children on Halloween, and referenced the movie “The Car.”

Friday, February 12, 1988, 11:00 am - 45-yr-old Erna Martin disappeared from her home in Granite Bay, CA. 

May 14, 1989 - DeAngelo’s youngest child was born in Sacramento County.

1989 - DeAngelo started work as a truck mechanic at Save Mart Distribution Center, Roseville. 

December 20, 1990, pm - Zodiac letter #21. Postmarked Eureka. Christmas card that included a photocopy of two post office box keys on a magnetic keychain. Sent to San Francisco Chronicle.

December 30, 1990 - Listed date of marriage separation for Huddle and DeAngelo.

November 4, 1991 - Sharon Huddle filed for divorce from DeAngelo in Sacramento Family Court.

November 12, 1991 - DeAngelo personally served divorce documents.

Monday, November 25, 1991, 12:30-1:15 - 35-yr-old Cindy Wanner was kidnapped from her sister’s home in Granite Bay. She disappeared during a short time window, while she was alone with her infant daughter. There was no sign of a struggle, or evidence at the scene. Cindy left behind her daughter, shoes, and car, but took her purse. 

Monday, November 25, 1991, 4:00 pm - Someone used Cindy Wanner’s ATM card to withdraw $40 from the machine located at the AM/PM mini-mart located at the corner of Greenback Lane, and Auburn Blvd in Citrus Heights. Although PCSO had notified Cindy’s bank at 3:08 pm to report any use of her cards or accounts, Wells Fargo failed to do so, and the video surveillance of the transaction was erased. 

Saturday, December 14, 1991 3:30 pm - Cindy Wanner’s body was found off Foresthill Road, Placer County, by a quail hunter. 

August 6, 1993 - Sharon filed for divorce from DeAngelo in Placer County.

August  12, 1993 - DeAngelo personally served divorce document.

Friday October 29, 1993 - Sharon closed on the purchase of a home in Roseville. DeAngelo signed documents waiving his community property interest. 

Friday, October 29, 1993, 4:00-5:00 pm - 39-yr-old Cherilyn Hawkley was kidnapped from Eureka 

Elementary School where she taught 5th grade. 

Sunday, October 31, 1993, 9:00 pm - Cherilyn Hawkley found murdered in her van on the edge of the playfield at Oakhills Elementary School. She was found by a PCSO deputy on routine patrol. The van had been seen parked in the location as early as Saturday morning, and it was determined that she was killed shortly after she was last seen on Friday night. 

Cherilyn had been strangled by a narrow cord or wire, taken from the scene - the same as Cindy Wanner. There was no sexual assault, or robbery.

November 5, 1993 - Sharon Huddle dismissed the divorce from DeAngelo in Sacramento Family Court.

February 5, 1995 - DeAngelo, Sr. died in S. Korea.

July 28, 1995 - DeAngelo got into a dispute with a gas station attendant. DeAngelo said that he believed that he was owed a refund for un-pumped gas, but the clerk reported it to the police as an attempted robbery. 

April 16, 1996 - DeAngelo was arrested in Sacramento on a warrant sting, and booked into jail. The warrant stemmed from the 1995 gas station incident. The charges were dropped, and DeAngelo’s civil suit against the gas station was settled in March, 1998. 

April 6, 2006 - Huddle filed a new divorce case from DeAngelo in Placer County.

April 24, 2006 - Placer Superior Court dismissed 1993 divorce case for lack of action taken to move forward.

August 21, 2010 - DeAngelo’s mother died in Exeter, CA.

February 18, 2013 - Oscar Clifton died in prison. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013, 7:00 am - Susan Jacobson, 59 yrs, was last seen by her husband when he left for work at RC Willey distribution center at 6:00 am. Susan was 4’11” and 90 lbs. Susan indicated that she was going shopping. At 8:00 am, a jogger found her wallet on the sidewalk along Pleasant Grove Blvd, and turned it in to the cashier at the nearby Starbucks. Susan wasn’t missed until her husband returned home from work, and he called Roseville PD at 7:00 pm. Her car was found unlocked, with her purse inside, in the Raley’s parking lot at about 8:30 pm. It was parked in the center of the lot, just outside the reach of all of the security cameras. Susan has never been found.

2017 - DeAngelo retired from Save Mart.

April 24, 2018 - DeAngelo arrested in Citrus Heights.

July 31, 2018 - Huddle filed a new divorce case against DeAngelo in Placer County.

August 13, 2018 - Huddle filed to dismiss 2006 divorce case in Placer County.

September 12, 2019 - Huddle/DeAngelo final divorce judgement entered in Placer County.

September 29, 2019 - DeAngelo’s brother (John) died. 

Monday, June 29, 2020 - DeAngelo entered guilty pleas for all pending charges, and admitted uncharged rapes, attempted rapes, kidnapping, and attempted murder.