Chapter 14 Extras

Audio Extras

Penal Code 141C Pt 1

What is a “conviction integrity review”? Prosecutorial misconduct? What are the prosecutor’s duties to remedy a false conviction?

Court of Public Opinion

What is a conflict of interest anyway? Who cares and who doesn’t?

Penal Code 141C Pt 2

A review without conviction or integrity, and the “review of the review.”

South Belmont Road

A frightening first-hand encounter with EPD Sgt. DeAngelo, the week prior to a murder.

Proper Conviction Integrity Review Standards 

“Conviction Review Units: A National Perspective” John Holloway, Faculty Scholarship at Penn Law, 2016

“Conviction Integrity Unit Best Practices” Innocence Project, October 15, 2015

Forensic Boards

“Policies & Procedures” Texas Forensic Science Commission, Jan. 31, 2020 

“Background: Texas Forensic Science Commission’s Work” Innocence Project, Nov. 9, 2009 

Framed By The Golden State Killer” (ABC-10 Sacramento)

This story links to all episodes of the series and provides a short overview of the evidence that links EPD Sgt. DeAngelo to the crime.