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What is 12-26-75?

December 26, 1975 was the last day that Donna Richmond was alive, and the last day of freedom for Oscar Clifton. Two tragedies occurred that day, and the real killer eluded justice.  That murder was also the end of a string of burglaries and homicides in a Central Valley community, and the same unique MO appeared in the Sacramento area soon afterward. This book uncovers the truth of the Richmond & Armour homicides and their connection to the Visalia Ransacker & the East Area Rapist (also Original Night Stalker & "Golden State Killer"), Joseph James DeAngelo, Jr. The true crime work is based upon a years-long investigation by attorneys, private investigators and retired law enforcement using the original court and police records. On this site, you can find photos, maps, podcast audio, and original investigative reports that add to the information in the book, and provide additional insight into the connections.

Oscar Clifton

Sgt. John Vaughan

Donna Jo Richmond

Detective McGowen

Jennifer Lynn Armour

Claude Ray Snelling

Donna Richmond Location

Jennifer Lynn Armour Locations

Oscar's Alibi Location (Garden St.)

Oscar's Truck

Oscar's Lineup

Oscar's Pocket Knife

Oscar's Truck

1/9/76 Ransacker Composite

Sgt. Joe DeAngelo

Sacramento & VR


Sgt. Joe DeAngelo

DeAngelo Shoplifting

Lt. Bob Byrd

Byrd's Destruction of Evidence Order